General Concepts of the Business Model

VDLBAGRUPPE® and INDICTRADER® are team-leaders at the design, building and funding of the largest low-altitude wireless telecom and process infrastructure ever seen!

Map 1

The purpose is four-fold and fully interrelated:

  1. INDICTRADER®’s Brokerage Layer:  Service is basically brokerage to traders who are keen at the intra-day ultra-low-latency-direct-market-access (ULLDMA), who wish to spread between the 9 principal stock exchanges, the region has to offer. Types of direct services to exchanges, as e.g. liquidity supply, are considered as well.
  2. VDLBAGRUPPE®’s Telecom Layer: Providing infrastructure to telecom populations along the corridor. The Telecom infrastructure supplies services of carrier Ethernet, dedicated internet access, legacy corporate data, broadband IP-VPN, switched access and mobile services.
  3. To prove that low-altitude microwave can transmit more distant, faster and safer than fiber infrastructure.
  4. To cooperate at setting foundations for the Europe, Eurasia and Asia unified development and empowerment strategy.

Infrastructure is 11,000 km long and crosses 27 different administrative territories within countries of France, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Belarus, Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and China.

VDLBAGRUPPE® and INDICTRADER® will bind together 9 relevant financial trade exchange markets, by using an ultra-low latency message transmission and processing infrastructure, which spans over 6 different time zones and roughly 420 cities, towns, villages and settlements, with a current population of not less than 217 million. Amount of transmission sites of sizes 150′-220′ are in the range of 270 units and based at altitudes between 85 to 2,500 meters above sea level.

On the paragraphs to follow, details are shown about the prospective investment, the prospective net earnings and the prospective financial ratios and balances of the trans-continental entrepreneurship VDLBAGRUPPE® – INDICTRADER®.

The bar-chart below displays the initial 2-Yrs preliminary studies period, the 5 -Yrs investment period and the subsequent earnings flows.

Flows Numb

The earnings flow is composed of a market-entry operations phase, spanning between Year = 6 and Year = 13, beyond which it can be said, that operations have attained a steady state in terms of construction completion efforts. A good chance to get a grasp of the financial dynamics of VDLBAGRUPPE® – INDICTRADER® is depicted in the Chart Prospective Statements.

Statements Numb

On Chart Operative ratios below, it is clear the effects of the construction efforts upon business accounts. Construction effects can are considered to be past at Year = 13.

Operative Ratios

VDLBHeForShe BMPAGRUPPE® and INDICTRADER® foster the women employment. Labor share for women is a liability on the entire world: especially in our Eurasian-Asian region.