Our Mission

 VDLBAGRUPPE® and INDICTRADER® were founded in June 2009 with the purpose of building ICT infrastructure for the complex financial process supervision and control at and between trading venues, at and between banking and insurance institutions.

VDLBAGRUPPE® and INDICTRADER® propose is to cover ultra-fast data processing at long distance range, like no other network has ever before. The proposal is focused on the Eurasian-Asian regions. This is an area of strong economies, but currently having weakly-inter-connected financial trading markets, due mainly to constant changing strategic and geographical policies.

VDLBAGRUPPE®’s and INDICTRADER®’s ultimate mission is to play an active role in the trans-Eurasia financial trading brokerage and overall Telecom services, to strive for the engagement and assurance of intercontinental cooperative ICT technological development.


VDLBAGRUPPE® and INDICTRADER® foster the women employment. Labor share for womHeForShe BMPen is a liability on the entire world: especially in our Eurasian-Asian region.


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