We build own-operated microwave infrastructure for specialized financial processes: we pursue the limits of super-speed data processing and transmission for the efficient inter-connection of trading venues. Our infrastructures are an ICT blend of Telecom and Trading Brokerage Specialized-IT. The Telecom Layer capabilities are: carrier Ethernet, dedicated internet access, legacy corporate data, broadband IP-VPN, switched access and mobile services. The Brokerage Layer capabilities are: SW Support, consulting, HW maintenance and support, process management, IT management, development and integration.

Both VDLBAGRUPPE® and INDICTRADER® together supervise the design, build and operate the entire infrastructure.

However, VDLBAGRUPPE® focuses mainly on the infrastructure’s Telecom Layer and INDICTRADER® focuses mainly on the infrastructure’s Brokerage Layer. The latter includes deals for the B-to-B passing services with third party traders and the deal with brokerage end customers, both in reference with ultra-fast-data trading messages between long distant exchange markets.

VDLBAGRUPPE® and INDICTRADER® develop for the future ICT trends: ubiquitous internet-based connectivity, unified communications (cross-platform integration), cloud computing, new wave mobile services (M2M applications e.g. healthcare, trading, vehicle tracking, smart metering), selective “consumerization” (BYOC facilities) and the apps revolution.

VDLBAGRUPPE® and INDICTRADER® together with the assistance of their technological partners, researches to produce the fastest, most stable and most protected long-distance data signal and processing, so it is enabled an uninterrupted and redundant data messaging for the specialized Telecom Layer and Brokerage Layer.

Fields of research are, but not limited to:

  • High performance microwave towers and transmission equipment. Scale models.
  • Finance big data processing (machine learning)
  • High performance digital signal processors DSPs (FPGAs, GPUs, others) for finance and electronic trading
  • Signal processing algorithms for electronic trading: algorithm switching, ISO identifiers, messages physical stamps, order books
  • Multi-resolution techniques for multi-frequency investment and trading
  • High-frequency trading HFT and order routing
  • Market micro-structure modeling
  • Theory of games and auctions in financial models
  • Financial news and social media analysis for the intelligent portfolio management
  • Portfolio optimization and management (hedging)
  • Speed efficient coding FIX-ITCH-OUCH-FAST
  • Trading Market Liquidity Supply

HeForShe BMP


VDLBAGRUPPE® and INDICTRADER® foster the women employment. Labor share for women is a liability on the entire world: especially in our Eurasian-Asian region.


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